Addy's first Easter photo!
Happy Easter!!!

Baby Girl


Pics of Addy (coming home from the hospital)

Isn't she beautiful?


Baby Clark has arrived! We would like to Introduce Addyson Leigh!

We are so proud to have such a precious healthy little girl.

Addyson Leigh
Born 9/18/2009 9:56 PM
8 lbs 2 ozs

20 inches long

It didn't matter the sex, as long as he/she was healthy. We got everything plus more than we could have asked for. First off, as proud parents, we would like to thank everyone who came visit us at the hospital before and after our baby girl was born! Most people stayed at the hospital from around 6 am until we had the baby at 10pm that night! It was a long day, but we stuck it out together! Those people are listed below. Thank y'all so much! You all showed us what it is to have family :) We couldn't have went through the stress on the big day without your love and support.

Mrs. Cherie and Mr. Roland Hingle
Mariska W.
Uncle Mike and Nanny Marg A.
Gram (Anglada)
Grandma and Grandpa Hingle
Ashley P.
Nick and Kassie
Haley P.
Mrs. Joyce and Mr. Joe Clark
Ganny, Boo Boo and Christy
Brandy, Steve, Bret and Alli F.
Chele, Denny, Kali, Brody and Colby W.
Colleen C. and J
Michelle and Tony F.
Lauren F.
Adrienne and Al T.
Tara and Bryn B.

Baby Clark's Arrival

263 days ago, Baby Clark came about! Now, we have a delivery date! On Tuesday, he/she will enter this world! YAY! We've been looking forward to this day forever it seems, now the time has come.

Our little fat baby!

Ultrasounds from high risk doctor on 9-8-09
Weighs in at 6 pounds 13 ounces

Sleeping with that little smerck on it's face! Looks just like it's mommy with that little pugg nose!! How cute!

Little Kristen all over again!!!

Look at those chubby cheeks! Got daddy's chin and dimples!

Geaux Tigers!!!

Grandma & Grandpa Hingle (we don't have names yet!) have apparently been shopping again! Baby Clark is ready to represent the Tigers!

Baby Clark's Room

The room is looking good... Of course we are still waiting on the furniture, but it works well as a storage room for all the awesome gifts we got from family and friends! Thank y'all so much!!! We have awesome family and great friends!

Week 33 High-Risk Ultrasound

Well, here are some new pics from the doctor last week. Baby Clark is getting big and it seems that we now have a chubby chipmunk at about 5 lbs 5 ozs already! Don't you love those chubby cheeks???


32 Weeks & Counting.....

Well, today we made 32 weeks (8 months)! Time surely is flying by. We are so ready to meet Baby Clark!!! He/She is so active now, it's amazing! If you haven't seen them yet, below are a few of the 4D ultrasound pics that we took a few weeks ago. We're busy now working on getting the baby room ready and trying to decide what to name the little chipmunk. Any ideas?